SA Properties: Decor tips you can follow for your house

If you have purchased your new home, decorating it can be one of the special joys that come with living in a new house. To give you an idea of how you can decorate the rooms in your home, check out the guide we had put together below:

Living room

Living plays various functions in your home, you can use the space to greet guests, bond with your family, party with your friends or simply relax by yourself. In modern homes, this room is adjacent to the kitchen or dining area to have a more open space. One of the best ways to decorate your living room and to select the right lighting, rugs, arts and accessories that complement the focal point of the room.


Your bedroom is the place where you relax and rest, so you should carefully choose the right bed and other furnishings when decorating the room. While you can limit your budget when it comes to other decorative items, you must invest in quality mattresses and pillows.

Also, your choice of colour is important since it can set the mood of the room once you enter it. If you are a morning person, choose a lighter colour and if you are not, opt for a darker colour.


The kitchen is one of the most costly rooms to decorate so you might want to plan it carefully. You may opt-out of a complete remodel and save a lot of money by just doing some deep cleaning, repainting and replacing the cabinet and sinks. You can also add stylish light fixtures and other accessories to improve the look of the space.

Dining room

When it comes to decorating the dining room, you should focus more on the dining table since it is the centrepiece of the room. Choose the right furniture that can complement the colour scheme of the room. Other vital elements to consider include the chairs and chandeliers which can both help set the tone during meals and showcase your style.


A great bathroom should always feel classy and sophisticated so you should choose a classy cabinet, sink, mirror, lighting and other accessories. In most cases, the bathrooms have smaller space compared to the rest of the rooms within the house, so you must research general design ideas that can make it feel and look larger.

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