SA Properties: Why you should invest in a real estate

Whether you are planning to invest for your retirement, savings or passive income, real estate investing can fit your budget and needs. Check out the top reasons why you should invest in real estate below:

Get various tax benefits

Investing in real estate can give many tax benefits that can let you maximize and use your equity to buy more properties and grow your portfolio. Some of the expenses you can write off once you invest in real estate are:

  • Mortgage interest
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Depreciation that is spread out over 27.5 years
  • Real estate taxes
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Association dues

Real estate investors can write off more expenses than those who invest in stocks or bonds in which you can only write off capital losses. But before assuming you can write expenses off, always talk to your tax advisor first. 

Earn regular cash flow

If you buy real estate and decide to rent it out, you can earn a regular monthly cash flow and increase your profits from owning it. This is because you will no longer have to rely on your own money to pay the expenses of your property. Instead, you can use the rentals to pay for your mortgage and property taxes.

Have financial security

Once you invest in a real estate property, you will be able to secure your financial needs once you retire. When you get monthly rental cash flow, it can be able to supplement your income. Also, the longer you invest in the property, the larger its value will be. It can also be a more secure way for you to spend your money rather than leaving it in a cash account or risking it in the stock market.

Pass the real estate to your heirs

Investing in real estate can allow you to leave a legacy behind by passing it down to your heirs. While it is still a good idea to list down cash assets to your last will, real estate can be even better. This way you can give your family or heirs a lucrative asset that they can continue to keep or sell for a great profit. 

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