Make your safety your priority by learning all you can about the safety precautions taken in condominium buildings. Find out all about it here at SA Property. The safety precautions in condominiums that you need to know are the following:

Condominium Units – In a condominium building, each unit has its own entry door with its own key and lock. The main common areas (lobby or lobby area, laundry room, pool, elevator) usually have their own key and lock and are for all residents’ use. The security of the building is provided by the building management. Lobby Areas – In many condominium buildings, the lobby or lobby area has been built to include certain basic amenities such as a mailroom, laundry room, a small business center, storage rooms, restrooms, and some other public spaces such as lounges or clubs. The owners and managers of the building are responsible for providing these amenities. Each building should have a maintenance manager and his/her staff to maintain the common areas, including the lobbies and the common hallways that connect the units to the common areas. Laundry Rooms – Laundry rooms are located in most condominium buildings. A laundry room is usually set up with a washing machine, dryer, and sink with hot water. The laundry rooms are the only ones that are usually locked in the common areas of the building and may be used by anyone. Swimming Pools – Most condominiums have a swimming pool area which may be covered or open-air.

How safe are my windows in a condominium?

The safety of your windows is very important. You should make sure that they are strong and have an anti-glare coating on them so that you are able to see clearly in all weather conditions. You should always keep this in mind. Make sure that your window guards are secure as well. You may need a lock for them in case they aren’t properly locked at the bottom of the window.

Why do I need to be careful when using my keys?

If you are going to be coming into your condo unit by yourself, you should always be careful of how you handle the keys. You should never let anyone else have access to your keys. Even if your condo unit is equipped with a master key system, make sure that you are familiar with the code. There are many other ways that you can lose your keys. If you are not the type to leave your keys on a table or in the door frame then you need to be extra careful.

Are there any special precautions I need to take when using my fire escape?

If you plan to use your fire escape to get out of your condo, you should always be careful. You should never allow children or anyone else to use your fire escape.

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