Prepare to get the best price on your property when you sell it here at SA Property. Find out all about the tips in selling property here! The first tip to selling your property is to find a good realtor. A good realtor is extremely valuable.

If you are selling your home by yourself, you can spend months (if not years) looking for the “right” realtor. This can cost you thousands of dollars. Trust me; I know from experience. When I finally did decide to sell my house by myself, it took me a little over a week to locate and hire a realtor. And believe me, by that time I had already received an offer I couldn’t refuse. So what did I do? I gave the realtor a 50% commission and got myself a “killer” bargain on the sale of my house. If you are going to sell your home without a realtor, here are 10 questions you should be asking:

1. Are you a licensed real estate agent? If so, how long has your license been in effect?

2. Do you have any complaints filed against you by any of your clients?

3. What is your commission percentage?

4. Will you pay all advertising costs?

5. Will you buy my house back if I decide to cancel the listing?

6. Can you offer other services such as home inspection, property appraisal, pest control and so forth?

Second is  To Price It Right! You’ve spent a lot of time (and money) getting your house ready to sell. Don’t let a simple matter like pricing stop you from making a profit. You can easily set a price that will make you a healthy profit by using one of the four methods described in this section. What you do first is, figure out how much your house is worth. 

How do you do that? Well, that depends on whether you are going to list your house with a realtor and use an appraiser to determine value, or if you are going to sell it yourself and use whatever “gut feeling” you have about its value. Let’s begin with the latter case: How to know what your house is really worth using “gut feeling”. To do this, you must first decide what you think your house is worth. Now honestly consider all the factors which go into determining the worth of a piece of property. Ask yourself questions like these: · Is it located on a busy street? · Does it have easy access to a major highway? · How much land does it occupy? · What’s the condition of the exterior? (is the paint peeling, etc.) · What’s the condition of the interior? (is the floor covered with vinyl or linoleum, etc.) · How much does it cost to heat and cool the house? · How much did it cost to maintain the house during the time I owned it? · Does it have an addition recently constructed which has lowered its value? Let us assume that you determined that your house is actually worth $87,500.

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